…what? Oh! Hello.

Well, this is a tad awkward. If I’d known you were coming I would have prepared something… but alas there’s nothing interesting here (yet?). Sorry. I guess that’s what you get, wandering around on strange domains you don’t belong on. Y’know. You get disappointment.

About Me

You want to know about me? Goodness. Let’s see…

I live in Sydney, Australia, where I moved having grown up in the nearby Blue Mountains.

For $WORK at the moment I’m a Data Engineer at Poplin Data. We work there a lot with an open source behavioural analytics tool called Snowplow. It is pretty neat, check it out. I wrote this web extension which might be useful if you use it, too. “Data Engineer” isn’t the most apt title, but it is pretty close and covers a decent chunk of what I do there. The rather nascent titles “Analytics Engineer” or “Analytics Implementation Specialist” are probably closer these days, but probably pay worse. Technically I’m a Lead too, but I’m not super into hierarchy within teams, man, so I tend to drop that part of the title. Week-to-week work typically involves:

I enjoy solving problems, the more puzzling the better, so like diversity in my roles where I get exposed to lots of moving parts. I am open to opportunities if the problems are interesting enough.

Then at home I like playing with more niche technologies than I get to work with. Right now I’m excited about:

Outside of work I often help organise the Sydney chapters of Data & Analytics Wednesday and MeasureCamp, which are both free and you should come attend!

I like other stuff too (in no particular order): both kinds of games (board and video), music, politics, cooking, gardening, beer, wine, spirits, arguing, cats, combinations of these things.

I care a lot about (in no particular order): equality, education, software freedom, the internet, the web, accessibility, privacy (ironically), perf, Pokémon, family, freedom of expression, mental health, software monocultures.

I would love to learn (in no particular order): beekeeping, drawing, keyboard, sewing, guitar, Scheme, driving, more math, beer brewing, carpentry, automechanics, teaching, electronics.

If you want to reach out and/or chat feel free to email me or hit me up on the socials below (I am not on Facebook/Twitter/etc).